Automation Anywhere Wins Prestigious Frost and Sullivan Award

Written by Brian Strachman in Automation Anywhere News on April 23, 2019

It’s always encouraging to receive an award for good work, and it is particularly special when it comes from a well-regarded consulting firm like Frost and Sullivan. Automation Anywhere was recently awarded the Frost and Sullivan Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. This award was largely due to a product we are particularly proud of, Bot Insight. Bot Insight is the industry’s only embedded analytics platform designed specifically for robotic process automation (RPA.)

Frost and Sullivan conducted a detailed analysis of the industry and concluded that Automation Anywhere was the true leader in the field, due to Bot Insight. This comes as no surprise to those of us close to the product. RPA is proving to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the last decade. The productivity gains and cost savings from RPA make it a slam dunk for almost any business to adopt, but the challenge has always been in the reporting. Our customers need to know how many hours were saved, what were the productivity gains, and what work did the bots complete; all in real time. This information is the secret sauce that makes RPA truly powerful.

True to form, Frost and Sullivan immediately identified Bot Insight as a key differentiator in the RPA space. The following quote, summarizes the value of Bot Insight very succinctly, “Key to winning the award was Bot Insight, a solution that provides rich, in-depth business insights and real-time analysis of key performance metrics, such as revenue growth, costs savings, and productivity improvements. Bot Insight eliminates the burden of IT for logging, tagging and visualizing data to reduce cost and time to value.

The ability to see ROI, in real time and in a dashboard, without a lengthy technical integration project, is truly ground-breaking. When I visit customers who manage RPA deployments, I hear the same story repeatedly. The overall perception is the RPA is a powerful time and cost saving tool, but the challenge was to calculate the specific value, in ROI, and in real time. When customers deploy Bot Insight, they are often shocked, in a good way, at the value the RPA project generates and the data they can see, all without an IT project. This is the value Frost and Sullivan saw in Bot Insight, and why they gave Automation Anywhere this prestigious award.

I’d like to thank Frost and Sullivan for their acute observation of the RPA industry and their timely award. We at Automation Anywhere think the award is well deserved and anticipate that Bot Insight will continue to lead the industry in providing value to RPA users.


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