Research scientist in artificial intelligence


Hesam Amoualian is a research scientist in artificial intelligence at the Rakuten Institute of Technology in Paris. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Grenoble Alps for his dissertation on “Scaling Latent Topic-Class Models to Big Data Collections and Streams” in France. He also holds M.S. degrees in Speech Recognition from the University of Amirkabir in Iran. As a persevering data scientist, he has been working in various laboratories with a diverse set of attributes in different countries such as Iran, Chile, Singapore, and France.

Dr. Amoualian is interested in intelligent models specifically generative models that are able to extract information using an infinitive number of parameters (Non-parametric models) in an unsupervised manner. Most of his research centers around techniques for NLP, Topic modeling, and Sequence to sequence models. He has also some works relied on Non-Parametric Models, Bayesian, and Generative models. Recently, he is more focused on Deep learning methods and the ones that are applicable in data augmentation and text generation, such as GANs and VAEs. He has published some papers in top venues in data mining and natural language processing domain such as KDD, ACL, COLING, and JMLR. He has also reviewed some articles in the Intelligence conferences and Computational Intelligence journals.

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