PNY Technologies Europe: Leading Digital Transformation by AI Technologies.

About PNY Technologies: For over 35 years and thanks to strong partnerships with technological innovation companies, PNY represents a real success story of a company leading the EMEA Graphics, HPC, and AI computing markets.

Providing engineers, researchers and visualization clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA QUADRO, NVIDIA TESLA and NVIDIA DGX solutions, PNY understands the needs of its clients, offering professional technical support and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction.

PNY Technologies covers the full range of AI application from High Computing Center deploying Deep Learning solutions to Artificial Intelligence Edge devices.

AI at scale, meaning deployed in data server facilities is an infrastructure that works as digital body ingesting a high level of data in order to refine identification processes and strengthen problem-solving capabilities, tackling a wide range of applications: In Healthcare AI at scale is helping the identification of tumors and boosting the work on new medicines and vaccines allowing us to react better and faster to global health issues.

In the research centers focusing on astronomy, AI data centers are processing tremendous amount of space probes, artificial satellites and telescopes data in order to discover new earthlike planets and lead the way to future human exploration.

Aiming to cover all the spectrum of AI for the benefit of its global customers, PNY Technologies deploy Edge solutions in partnership with High-End partners such as NVIDIA and ADLINK.

Nowadays, smart city strategies are one of the main trends in governmental policies and in order to support the implementation of those strategies PNY and its partners offer a complete set of hardware and software solutions that answer AI at the Edge needs.

Edge AI is already mainstream in our daily lives for example you are using it when asking your Google Home to call a friend or Alexa to order you an item from Amazon but you might be less aware of other features of this technology like for the monitoring of drivers behavior cameras are implemented on traffic signals or also in the last couple of months to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 public building are monitoring the social distancing with Edge AI solutions.

Finally we can’t avoid talking about retails and commerce applications where in this field and according to Servion Global Solutions, by 2025, as many as 95 percent of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

All those AI boosted services will be more and more implemented In our cities, houses, and public infrastructure helping to regulate traffic, identifying and reporting public violation, optimizing consumer and industrial processes and allowing us to transform our cities for the best.

So join us at AI Paris where will be showcasing PNY Technologies AI solutions from Scale to Edge.

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